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HB McClure Is A Name You Can Trust

Grandma and Granddaughter Baking TogetherMost people, at some point in their lives, will have to deal with an air conditioner that no longer wants to cooperate. Whether the AC unit is broken or merely in need of a simple repair, air conditioners can be a lot of work. The average Boiling Springs resident probably doesn’t know how to fix their malfunctioning air conditioning unit and that is where we come in to help. HB McClure was established in 1914 with the goal of giving customers the chance to live comfortably. We offer a vast array of beneficial services to locals in and around Boiling Springs.

  • History of Success – Over 100 years of quality service already at our backs.
  • Premier Catalog – We are partnered with several major brands to supply the best air conditioning service possible.
  • Elite Staff – We have 300 full-service trucks in our rotation as well as 500 qualified, certified and licensed professionals.

Boiling Springs Central Air Conditioner Repair Services

Hearing that your air conditioning unit is broken can be a nightmare. Instantly your thoughts will go to the price of what this expensive air conditioning repair is likely going to run. Then, you realize that you don’t need to worry because HB McClure is here to save the day.

At HB McClure, we have put ourselves in a position to offer affordable AC system repair services to all of our customers. Every contractor is trained to repair geothermal systems, electric coolings systems, ducting, and thermostats.

Air Conditioning System Experts in Boiling Springs

AC RepairWe can’t go back in time to prevent your AC system from breaking down, but we can help you to stop it from ever happening again. You can severely inhibit the rate by which your central air system begins to break down by keeping up on AC services. We offer a variety of different comfort agreements designed around keeping your system in operation. Here are a few benefits of trying out our maintenance agreements:

  • Annual renewal leaves you worry-free.
  • Keep your entire system running at optimal efficiency.
  • Avoid the expense of a major system breakdown.

HB McClure Is The #1 AC Installation Team

If you didn’t have a maintenance plan to catch any potential problems, then you might end up needing to purchase an entirely new air conditioning installation. Fortunately, we make it easy here at HB McClure to find precisely what you need for all of your central air installation requirements. Our staff of qualified contractors are licensed and trained to walk you through the selection process to get an AC system selected, scheduled, and installed that fits your needs. Without any commission, our sales staff is focused solely on your needs.

HB McClure has been a trusted source in the HVAC world of reliable and affordable cooling solutions for over 100 years. From Boiling Springs to the rest of the Central Pennsylvania region, we are here to help with all of your cooling system needs. We offer routine repairs and maintenance solutions as well as air conditioning replacement services for commercial and residential properties.