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The last problem you want to experience is your heating system failing. Taking action to lower the risk of a system breakdown is an important step for homeowners. Here are some ways you can properly maintain your heating system and help prevent a heating emergency.

Keep up with regular maintenance

You simply cannot turn your heating system on and off as needed and assume it’ll always work as it should. Regular maintenance is vital if you want to avoid a heating emergency. There are some steps you can take yourself, such as ensuring filters are clean and testing your system before the season begins. Also make sure nothing is crowding your system that could lead to issues.

Program your thermostat

Constantly adjusting your thermostat may indicate an inefficient system, or at the very least, impact your utility bills. A programmable thermostat lets you program your thermostat for certain temperatures at specific times. Frequently readjusting your system can wear it out and cause issues. Programming the system and avoiding major temperature jumps or constant adjustments prevents your system from overworking. 

Invest in any replacements

When you need to replace a specific part of your heating system, it can be tempting to opt for the most affordable replacement part possible. Instead, make sure you’re investing in a quality part that will last and help you avoid getting another replacement sooner than necessary. Low quality parts can impact how the rest of your heating system is performing and lead to issues down the road. Some types of replacement parts may even void your warranty so be cautious.

Know what to look out for

As you start using your heating system this season, know what signs to look out for that could indicate something is wrong with it. Look out for strange smells, weak airflow or uneven heating, higher energy bills, or strange noises. If you notice any of these signs, reach out to a professional.

Call a professional

Even if you do not notice anything unusual with your heating system, it’s a good idea to regularly have professional maintenance performed on your heating system. A professional knows what to look for and can optimize its performance to help you avoid heating emergencies in the cold season.

Reach out to a local service provider, such as HB McClure, to perform regular maintenance on your heating system. You can reach them at: 717-232-4328.