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Your water may be riddled with hard minerals like calcium and magnesium. Although you can’t see these minerals when you look at a glass of tap water, you can certainly notice their effects around your home. To reduce hard water damage, consider installing a water softener or conditioner. These appliances can improve the quality of your water and provide benefits throughout your home.

1. Improve Appliance Longevity

Hard water leaves deposits wherever it flows. This buildup can be detrimental to appliances that use water, including coffee makers and dishwashers. Because you’ll get less buildup with a water softener, your appliances may last longer.

2. Allow Water to Flow Freely

Mineral deposits also settle in your pipes. This can keep water from flowing freely through your plumbing system, and it can raise your water bills. With a water softener, your pipes should last longer or need fewer repairs, and your water bills may go down.

3. Reduce Soap Scum

Pesky soap scum forms when soap reacts with the minerals in hard water. If you take hard water out of the equation, you won’t have to worry about scum formation anymore, and you’ll spare your arms the trouble of trying to scrub it away.

4. Keep Your Clothes in Good Shape

Just like the walls of your tub, clothes washed in hard water can develop buildup. When that happens, they may feel stiff or scratchy, and their colors can become dull. A water softener will help keep your clothes soft, fresh and bright.

5. Perk Up Your Appearance

The film from hard water can linger on your hair and body as well. Your hair might feel rough or stiff, and your skin may be excessively dry. Softening the water that you use for showering can remedy those problems and leave you with sleek, shiny hair and supple skin.

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