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Get Quality HB McClure Comfort Contract Maintenance for just $96 per year!

Avoid plumbing emergencies and stop wasting water with a Plumbing Inspection from HB McClure.
Our Plumbing Inspections include the following services. Only $96.00 per year (annual, renewing contract).
Receive 10% off all plumbing repairs when you have an inspection conducted while under contract.

  • Collect and test a water sample for hardness, iron and Ph.
  • Perform maintenance of water softener. Salt not included.
  • Check and measure the incoming water pressure. (For city water.)
  • Check and measure the pressure on the well tank. (For well water.)
  • Visual inspection of all exposed piping and fixtures.
  • Inspect for leaks and corrosion.
  • Drain – inspect for leaks and correct fall.
  • Inspect all toilets for leaking valves and proper drainage.
  • Inspect all sinks for leaking faucets and proper drainage.
  • Inspect all pressure relief tanks.
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and valves.
  • Ensure drain and supply plumbing is working correctly.
  • Ensure plumbing system is code compliant.
  • Make recommendations and provide an overview of findings.

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