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Get the Clean Coil Guarantee*!

Dirty coils on your home’s HVAC system can cause decreased system performance, resulting in reduced comfort and higher operating costs. With a Gold Shield® Comfort Agreement, we’ll check every refrigeration coil during our tune-up visit. If coils are dirty when we arrive, they will be clean when we leave. And, if coil cleanliness causes a problem throughout the agreement year, we will clean them at no charge.

Why Are Dirty Coils a Problem?

Heat pump and central AC systems have two very important components that contain no moving parts yet are very important for a system to operate properly. The condenser coil (outdoor) and evaporator coil (indoor) are system components that absorb and reject heat. When they become dirty, system performance is diminished.

Dirt or grime on a condenser or evaporator coil can trigger a number of problems.

  • Drop in energy and cooling efficiency. A dirty condenser coil can cause cooling efficiency to drop by more than 30%. As little as 0.042 inch of dirt can reduce cooling efficiency up to 21%. Likewise, a dirty evaporator coil places a layer of insulation between the air and the refrigerant in the coil, making it harder for the refrigerant to absorb heat.
  • Development of ice on the coil. If heat absorption along the evaporator coil becomes restricted by dirt buildup, the refrigerant inside the coil won’t warm up past freezing, and water moisture along the coil will then freeze. This ice further impedes the evaporator coil from doing its job, as the ice continues to build up until heat absorption is completely blocked. The ice can also cause damage to the fins and coil.
  • Clogged condensate drain. As the evaporator coil absorbs heat, it also causes moisture to condense along it. This excess water drips down from the coil and into a pan, where a drain removes it into the wastewater system. If the water dripping from the coil contains dirt, the dirt may become lodged in the drain, eventually creating a complete clog. Water can then overflow from the condensate drain, causing water damage, high humidity, and unpleasant moldy odors.
  • Reduced life expectancy. A system with dirty coils has to work harder to maintain a set temperature. This causes parts to wear faster and reduces the overall life expectancy of the system.

Sign-up for a Gold Shield Comfort Agreement, or call us at 717-232-4328 (Central PA) or 410-356-4016 (Maryland Office)

*The Clean Coil Guarantee begins after Gold Shield maintenance is performed and for as long as you maintain Gold Shield coverage. The Clean Coil Guarantee does not cover cleanliness issues caused by dirty ductwork, bacterial growth, dryer lint, excess mulch, excess grass clippings, neglecting to change system air filters as needed, or not having system air filters in place. If these issues are found, HB Home Service Team will offer a solution and the Clean Coil Guarantee will begin after the issue is resolved.