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In honor of our 110th anniversary, we’re offering:
$110 OFF Electrical Breaker Panel Replacements!

A new electrical panel ensures that your home has a steady flow of electricity. Not only can that eliminate problems with flickering lights and brown-outs, but it can also allow you to add appliances and other electronics without worrying about tripping breakers, blowing fuses, or damaging the appliances.

Signs that your electrical break panel needs to be replaced: 

  • Electrical panel is warm – Wires that are properly connected and insulated should not heat up so that you can notice it. So, if you touch your electrical panel and it is warm, then it is time to get it checked out.
  • Fuse-based electrical panel – While there is nothing inherently wrong with a fuse-based electrical panel, they are outdated and often not powerful enough for current electrical needs.
  • Noise coming from outlets – If there is any buzzing, clicking, or humming sounds coming from your outlets, that can mean there is something dangerously wrong with the outlets, wiring, or electrical panel. An inspection by one of our electricians can help determine where the issue lies.
  • Home is over 25 years old – Electrical panels can last between 25-40 years and generally aren’t changed unless needed. So, if your home is over 25 years old, it is time to have your electrical panel checked and potentially replaced.
  • Circuit breakers trip often – Circuit breakers that often trip can indicate that the electrical demand is too high for your current electrical panel. If the panel is consistently overtaxed, it can cause an electrical fire.
  • Strange smells near panel – Unknown smells that come from or near your electrical panel can mean that there is something already burning or has melted where you can’t see it. This issue needs to be addressed immediately, as it can indicate a serious hazard.
  • Water damage around electrical panel – If there has been water damage around or on your electrical panel, you should have it inspected for a potential replacement. The water can destroy some of the delicate circuitry of your electrical panel, leaving you and your home less protected.

Our electricians can assess whether or not you need a replacement or if there is another source for your electrical issues.
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